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"People will put anything on their heads, it seems to me for two reasons: either it keeps them warm, or it makes them feel cute."

-- Elizabeth Zimmermann


Guided by a dream and a lifetime of bad hair days, I found myself back at school a few years ago.  Hat school.  Harris Pat school. 

I had always wanted to become a milliner.  I wanted to dive into the luxurious, mysterious, glamorous world of chapellerie and become a chapelière, voire une chapelière-modiste. A hatmaker, a lady hatmaker, s’il vous plaît.  I wished to learn the skills of that world, to demystify and master the techniques so that I could be at home in the atelier. I watched and I learned, from teachers and peers, and found my way into this magic hat-happy place, where I discovered my nirvana while making these captivating hats.  

Captivating they are and charm they do.  They attract the attention and hold the interest of not just the innocent bystander, but also of the mind and body that wears the chapeau.  For each person, there exists a hat that enhances individual beauty and instills the happy, mysterious, confident satisfaction that accompanies the wearing of it.

Some call it joy, I call it the right hat. 

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